To accommodate and reach an integrated internet services, V-SAT technology
exists to reach areas those considered unreachable. With the V-SAT
technology, the obstacles for companies Outshore to be able to connect and
communicate with the central office, or the client can be done with
guarantees of security and stability that we have a network connection.

Service Excellences:
  • Reaching out to all region of Indonesia;
  • Have a high level of security because it is a private network;
  • Flexibility in technology because it is easily connected with other Vsat tservices as an integrated solution;
  • Flexible installation, especially for locations that are beyond the reach of
    cable or business centers.


Ph. +62 21 299 66 900

Fax. +62 21 526 9587

INET Head Office

Cyber 1 Building,

5th Floor Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 8

Jakarta 12710 – Indonesia