Increasingly, the needs of modern homes and many work spaces are for
greater and more versatile internet coverage than just having a single PC, or
group of PCs wired up to a router with Ethernet cables.

A wireless network is more cost effective and enables multiple devices to use
the same internet connection remotely, as well as sharing files and other
resources. You may want to change your connection anytime, and Inet
Wireless Network let you change it easily with less cost.

Our Wireless connection is our guarantee to provide the best service to each
of our customers to be able to accommodate the need for service of data
communication that is fast, safe, stable and economically integrated manner
that make service Inet our access becomes solution for data communication
with a degree level of maximum.


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Fax. +62 21 526 9587

INET Head Office

Cyber 1 Building,

5th Floor Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 8

Jakarta 12710 – Indonesia